Every ground-breaking entrepreneur begins with a series of small ideas that are combined into an all-inclusive one. At HostFunder, we wanted to change how people see the concept of entrepreneurs, by offering a simple, secure and user-friendly hosting platform they can trust...

Our team of incredibly bright minded individuals have dedicated an immense amount of time and effort to ensure that connection between people and entrepreneurs is easier than ever.

We know you`re special, so are we 😍 let`s be special together.

At HostFunder, we believe that technology and entrepreneurship should seamlessly coexist. With everything there is to do in a day, why not make the things that matter most, the easiest? HostFunder is aimed at improving and tackling all the small daily stresses that take up your time, and we have one of the most innovative teams in the industry here to make sure your day is managed as smoothly as possible.


Because you are an Entrepreneur, because you take what you do seriously, because we believe in you and we want to help you succeed in your journey, that is why we are offering you an unlimited free lifetime SSL to secure your online presence, so you can build trust with the people that you care about. Our SSL certificate helps you with – safer connection with your clients, increased SEO ranking, a boost in revenue.

Business web Hosting

HostFunder is just what you’ve been looking for — a new, industry-leading Hosting provider that gives you the chance to simplify your creativity with simple clicks. Our easy-to-use Hosting platform has a wide range of features that were created with an aim to help you build and empower yourself in what you do. With real-time options and unlimited access, this is one Hosting you’ll definitely want to have.

Custom Email HOSTING

A custom email address helps you create a professional image and boosts your business credibility.It makes you and your business more memorable in your customers inbox. It helps to build your brand.Customers are always on the go and are usually pressed for time. Therefore, making the best impression whenever you send email to their inbox can really give your business a competitive advantage.

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Our Partners.


ICANSL is a start-up limited Liability company registered in Sierra Leone and founded by a 21year old Mr Bashiru Mansaray. A brilliant young man passionate about technology and how to use it to solve problems in his community. ICANSL is an innovation hub for young aspiring and budding techys to train and test their Tech ideas and solutions in a safe and nurturing environment.

OS Preneur

OS Preneur operates as an Entrepreneurial Hub to develop business ideas, provide start-ups with funding, help them manage their businesses. At OS Preneur, we help entrepreneurs to get funding from Angel Investors, VCs, etc. OS Preneur is dedicated to build the next generation of start-ups social entrepreneurs, from just a business idea to someone with an incredible talent that want to create impact with what they have and at the same time providing services that will generate income.

Stand For Humanity

Stand 4 Humanity is an online leadership, empowerment and anti-bullying network dedicated to empowering a generation of young people to be bold, authentic leaders in their lives, schools and communities. It’s a movement of positive leadership, redefining what is beautiful, valuable and possible, inspiring a generation of leaders, trailblazers and change makers to create a kinder, more supportive for everyone.